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If you encounter any quality problems within one week of receiving your order, or if there is any transportation damage, please contact to arrange for a refund or exchange.

Please note that non-quality related issues are not eligible for return or exchange.


Desk Lamp & Floor Lamp 1-Year Warranty:

If the Product becomes defective during the warranty period (Calculated from the date of package receipt), Happy Nocnoc will, at its option, repair or replace the Product. 

Please Simply follow the steps below:

Step 1: Figure out the specific problem and the reason why.

Step 2: Contact customer service ( for specific solutions.

Step 3: Return to us for repair or replacement if the solution provided by customer service doesn't take effect. 

*The return package should send back to the address provided by customer service.


Shipping & Repair Costs:

If the product is still within the warranty period and has any quality problems, Happy Nocnoc covers all shipping costs.

However, if the product is out of warranty or damaged artificially, the customer pays return shipping and all applicable repair costs. 


Quality Problems
 Time  Solution  Return Shipping Cost At  Send Shipping Cost At  Repair Cost At
Within 1-Year  Repair Happy Nocnoc Happy Nocnoc Happy Nocnoc
Warranty Expired Repair (Charge) Customer Happy Nocnoc Customer


Artificial Damage
Time Solution Return Shipping Cost At Send Shipping Cost At


Cost At

Within 1-Year  Repair (Charge) Customer Happy Nocnoc Customer
Warranty Expired Repair (Charge) Customer Happy Nocnoc Customer


Beam T Repair Charge Details
Example Issue

Repair Fee

Lamp's shafts damaged 15USD
Lamp's pole part damaged 25USD
Lamp‘s head damaged 25USD
Lamp's base damaged 20USD
/ Adapter damaged 10USD



Floor Lamp Repair Charge Details
Example Issue

Repair Fee

Lamp's pole part damaged 50USD
Lamp‘s head damaged 60USD
Lamp's base damaged 40USD
/ Adapter damaged 10USD

* Lamps' repair fees include sending shipping. Return shipping charges depend on whether the issue is caused by artificial damage or quality.


Shipping Damages:

All shipping damages must be reported within seven (7) business days of receipt of the Product. Happy Nocnoc is not responsible for the shipping damages reported after such a period.


Other Notes:

1. Do follow our return instructions sent by customer service staff. Please do not send it back to the address on your package on your own.

2. If you don't receive a reply in time as promised, you may need to check your spam folder.


Contact us:

Any Questions about your order please contact: 

(24-hr reply on weekdays, 48-hr reply on weekends).