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Shipping Info

 To obtain shipping information for your specific destination country, please refer to the table below:

Country Shipping
Shipping Cost Shipping
United States Standard Shipping 0~$74.99 $5.99  7~10
Business days
$75+ Free
Expedited Shipping / $14.99  5~7
Business days
Canada Expedited Shipping 0~$74.99 $9.99  5~10
Business days
$75+ Free
United Kingdom Standard Shipping 0~$74.99 $6.99  6~10
Business days
$75+ Free
Switzerland Standard Shipping 0~$74.99 $19.99  8~12
Business days
$75+ Free
Australia Standard Shipping 0~$74.99 $12.99  8~12
Business days
$75+ Free

New Zealand


Standard Shipping 0~$74.99 $14.99  6~10
Business days
$75+ Free
Czech Republic
Standard Shipping 0~$74.99 $6.99  7~15
Business days
$75+ Free
Other Countries coming soon

Please be advised that shipping may not be available for certain islands of the United States, such as Hawaii and Las Vegas.

During peak season (starting from August), there may be a 20% increase in shipping fees.


Why Does Shipping Take Longer Now?

Firstly, we apologize for the longer than expected shipping times that you may be experiencing due to uncontrollable factors such as weather conditions. We would like to explain some of the reasons behind these delays in order to help you better understand the situation.

  • Weather conditions can impact logistics and transportation, causing processing and shipping delays beyond our control.
  • Strict quality control checks are conducted on all products before shipping, including inspections of materials, zippers, seams, embellishments, motifs, interiors, lining, and more.
  • Quality checks ensure product quality but may add time to processing and shipping of your order.
  • To maintain customer safety and health, strict disinfection of each parcel is performed before shipping, adding time to the shipping process.


    Receiving Time = Processing Time(Normally 48 hours) + Shipping Time


    How Do I Know if My Order Has Been Shipped?

    Once your order has been shipped, you will receive an email with your tracking number and a link to track your package online. If you do not receive notification emails, please check your spam folder, account settings, and network connections to ensure that our emails safely reach your inbox.


    Why Are Orders Sent in Separate Shipments?

    • Products from your order may be located in different warehouses.
    • Your multi-product order may exceed weight limits for a single box.
    • The system automatically divides the package if your order contains pre-sale items.
    (Note: Happy Nocnoc will not charge extra fees due to multiple deliveries per order.)


    Other Notes:

    After payment, it takes 1-3 days for the warehouse to process your order. You will receive a notification once your order has been shipped. We strive to deliver your package as soon as possible. However, additional time may be required due to invalid addresses or customs clearance issues. If you experience any shipping issues with your package, please contact Customer Support within 180 days of placing your order. For questions about your order, please email us at (we will reply within 24 hours).