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happy nocnoc x Pac-Man Licensed Characters

How to perfectly combine beauty and comfort is the common pursuit of almost all mothers. happy nocnoc, a cutting-edge mom and baby brand, is committed to providing children with a variety of fashionable children's clothing with attitude and style. On the basis of ensuring comfort, the children's personality can be displayed. happy nocnoc advocates the brand concept of "freedom of color", "freedom of collocation" and "unlimited", and hopes to become a treasure box for children. Once the box opened, it will be the kind of endless happiness! happy nocnoc joint with Pac-Man has created a trendy fashion, please come and see which one is suitable for your kids.

happy nocnco x Pac-Man

Pac-Man is a classic arcade game in the history of video games. The colorful elves and funny and cute little ghosts in the game are childhood playmates of most people. Happy nocnoc's designers use the cute elf image of Pac-Man as the design element, and use the classic pixel grid to convey the retro coolness. Growing up is something that can be swallowed up when you think about it carefully. Fortunately, the years will always leave us some small gifts for us to check in the future. This wave of memory killing is worth having, please click here for more memories.